Live Webinar

2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks: What Pioneers Do Differently

Tuesday, March 24 at 3:00 p.m. ET

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What makes a recruitment marketing pioneer?

How are the best of the best separating themselves from talent acquisition mediocracy? And which companies are actually capitalizing on all the technology that's come to market since 2015?  

SmashFly’s 5th annual research report on recruitment marketing tactics and adoption shows that there’s a competitive advantage for the taking—and despite the chatter and initiatives around automation and personalization, there are extensive opportunities for growth. 

On March 24,  join SmashFly's lead researchers in a candid discussion (and first look) at the original research with Shannon Taylor, Director of Talent Acquisition at Republic Services, an RM Pioneer and top-performer in this year's report. 

You’ll get: 

► An in-depth look at what Recruitment Marketing Pioneers do differently 

► Surprising benchmarks on recruitment marketing adoption over 5 years 
► Real-life examples from bold companies excelling at talent nurture

► Your biggest opportunities for quick wins in recruitment marketing