Recruitment Marketing in 2017: How the Fortune 500 (and You!) Stack Up

January 17th at 2:00pm EST

How do the nation’s most successful companies use recruitment marketing? Join us to find out – and learn how you compare.

It’s been one year since SmashFly’s inaugural Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the Fortune 500, a study of how top U.S. companies are looking to win the fierce competition for top talent. This year, we’re diving back in to investigate how the nation’s largest companies rank in their use of top recruitment marketing practices, and share opportunities for organizations to differentiate themselves and their brand.

With a 27% increase in companies scoring A’s and B’s this year, it’s clear that recruitment marketing is an up-and-coming priority for the Fortune 500. How will you gain an edge?

Gear up for a stronger 2017 by sitting in on a webinar on Tuesday, January 17 at 2:00 p.m. ET with SmashFly’s Director of Recruitment Marketing Practice, Tracey Parsons, and Director of Product Marketing, Chris Brablc.

Join us to learn:

► Key benchmarks for your recruitment marketing practice 

► How to use emerging and untapped practices to gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive labor market

► Examples of companies leading the way into the future of recruitment marketing

► PLUS, a 15-minute Q&A with recruitment marketing experts Tracey Parsons and Chris Brablc


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