Ramping Up Personalization: How to Scale Unique Candidate Experiences

March 20th at 2:00 p.m. ET

Today's candidate expects a personalized experience do you deliver?

In today's world, personalized experiences are as ubiquitous as Netflix and Amazon Prime. How does talent acquisition stack up? ...Unfortunately, not well. Even the Fortune 500 lag in providing unique, targeted candidate experiences.

It’s not only possible to provide a tailored experience for your candidates—it’s easier than you think. Join this live webinar to hear how GE is making big strides in personalization, and how you too can create an experience made up of unique, targeted candidate engagements with your employer brand.

What to Expect:

► Actionable strategies for getting started with personalization—or getting to the next step in your journey

► An in-depth look at foundational tactics like segmentation, email nurture, and intelligent automation

► The real-world story of how GE netted a 50% increase in career site traffic from a single campaign