Man + Machine: The Fundamentals of AI for Recruiting

July 25th at 2:00 p.m. ET

Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Recruiters

AI is everywhere – and it’s starting to dominate the conversation in talent acquisition. Will a computer take my job? What’s machine learning? What do you do with chatbots? Do I need AI? Who’s actually using it?

The confusion around AI stops here.

Paired with human intuition, AI can empower you to evaluate candidate quality, build automated talent pipelines, improve diversity hiring, eliminate unconscious bias, and more. The best part? These aren’t far-off goals; they’re things you can achieve with AI now.

Join experts from HiringSolved, Allegis Global Solutions, and SmashFly as they provide a real-world perspective on:

   •  4 practical ways talent acquisition pros can leverage AI

   •  How AI is redefining the skillset of a great recruiter

   •  Why you DON’T need to worry about a computer taking your job… phew!


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