43% of organizations with ERPs get 28% more hires from referrals by doing this one thing. 

They reach beyond employees and invite referrals from alumni, contractors, customers, vendors and partners, according to a new survey and report from SmashFly entitled, "Beyond Employees: Employee Referral Programs Redefined."

Download the report and you'll learn: 

  • Percentage of organizations with formal ERPs and what results they get
  • Ways organizations manage and track referrals today, and what challenges they face
  • Most popular incentives used to reward successful referrals
  • What you can do to generate more hires from referrals without sacrificing quality of candidates

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Survey Report
Beyond Employees:
Employee Referral Programs Redefined



SmashFly’s award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to attract, engage and nurture candidates and convert them into qualified applicants using a centralized management system that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs. Customers use SmashFly to unite their previously disconnected recruiting tools into an integrated software platform for Job Distribution, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Talent Networks, mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized Career Sites, Employee Referrals, Social Recruiting and Recruiting Analytics. Used to target pre-applicants in the front-end of the talent acquisition process, SmashFly integrates with any applicant tracking system (ATS) to provide unparalleled, real-time analytics on the sources that produce the best hires for the organization. Learn more at smashfly.com

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