On-Demand Webinar

6 Recruitment Marketing Trends for 2016

The Recruitment Marketing trends you need to know in 2016.

Watch this webinar recording, where we discuss the 6 Recruitment Marketing trends you need to know in 2016 that will get you better talent acquisition results.

The strategies and tactics you use at the top of the recruiting funnel have become more important than ever to attracting and engaging passive candidates, and converting them into qualified job applicants.

This is the perfect way to gain some fresh ideas that you can put into practice immediately. You'll hear our top 6 trends for 2016, including: 

  • Changes in candidate expectations and what this means for your talent acquisition strategy
  • U.S. employer hiring outlook for 2016 and how this will affect your ability to find talent
  • What you can do to differentiate your employer value proposition (EVP) from competitors
  • The new way to measure "qualified candidates" to build a better workforce